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The 10 Best Bubble Tea Spots in Miami

Lan Pan Asian Café in Miami offers a genuine take on East and Southeast Asian cuisine. This establishment presents a variety of dishes that echo the traditional flavors of Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, while also introducing modern twists. Their menu covers a broad spectrum from shareable starter plates to hearty noodle and rice dishes, alongside a range of entrées and a selection of sushi and sashimi.

USA Today | 10 Best

Best for Lunch: Lunch specials under $11 include red curry beef, garlic chicken, vegetarian mapo tofu, sashimi, vegetable stir fry, and pork katsu. What more do you need? Best for Coffee: Alright, so you might not think to get coffee at an Asian restaurant BUT you haven't lived until you've tasted their Thai coffee. Phenomenal. Best for Asian: Lan Pan Asian is the best Asian meal you can afford in Miami. Nothing but tasty eats and service with a smile!

Yuga, A Scrumptious Learning Experience

A cooking class at YUGA Restaurant in Coral Gables hosted by an award winning chef seemed like a fun new way to excite our taste buds and dive into a new adventure.   The name YUGA translates to “elegance” in Japanese as Chef Johnson Teh pointed out to our foodie tasting group.

Munch Miami Gluten Free Guide

Lan Pan Asian Cafe brings a unique twist to Pan Asian cuisine tying in flavors from Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam...The menu has a wide variety of gluten free friendly options, and Chef Teh will be adding many more in the near future.

El Mango

A través de los siglos, el mango ha reinado supremo entre las frutas. En la India, por ejemplo, se le consideraba un fruto sagrado, sobre él se escribían canciones y poemas hasta se usaba para decorar pinturas y esculturas.

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